Performing Improv

Improvisational theatre, often just called improv, is on-the-fly theater created as it is performed without use of a prepared or written script. The dialogue and action are created collaboratively by the players as the story unfolds.

The skills and processes of improvisation are often used outside the context of the performing arts — in classrooms as an educational tool and in the workplace as a way to develop communication skills, creative problemPhoto of several Sage Age members Dec 2013 solving and teamwork abilities.

For us Sage Agers improv is a great tool for keeping ourselves and our audiences active and youthful.

We perform for seniors’ residences, service clubs, church groups, volunteer associations, community outreach groups, & schools. We entertain at cabarets & Christmas concerts.

We provide educational sessions with university social work classes, geriatric caregivers, and social work agencies.

Our shows run about an hour, comprising some 15 skits and songs based on seniors’ issues, some humourous, some poignant, some downright edgy, but all with a message to which seniors — or anyone who knows a senior — will relate. Topics include everything from the thoughtless things people say at a funeral to the intricacies of internet dating. No topic is too delicate for us to tackle.