It’s not often you get an invitation to spend two hours a week playing and laughing with like-minded people, but that’s exactly what Sage Age Theatre is offering. The usual questions arise: Will I have to memorize lines? Will I have to practice? And the clincher: Will I have to audition?  All three answers: a resounding NO.

Here are the prerequisites for Sage Age: the desire to let your inner child come out to play; the ability to find fun in this aging process that catches up with everyone; and the joy and support that this lively group exudes.  It can be energizing to hone your wit and wisdom to entertain others.

Although Sage Age Theatre has been practicing improv theatre for over 25 years, the group has changed constantly, with new members finding a special camaraderie with their counterparts. They have done thousands of shows throughout the area, one hour presentations that provide laughs, tears, and goodwill, all based on personal experiences, some funny, some poignant, but always with good humour and joy.

There is no membership fee to join, only the desire to let your personality shine, and oh yes, perhaps the ability to wear the vibrant red shirts that add warmth to every performance.  Who doesn’t feel vibrant in red?

Still not sure you’d want to try this? On June 5, 7 p.m. Sage Age will be performing one of their last shows of the season at Orchard View on the Mississippi in Almonte. The show is open to the public on a donation basis.  Come for the laughs, stay for a chat, and in September you too could be a Sage Ager!